What is Lavinet?

Lavinet is an embedded software suite enabling a multi-hop wireless mesh network that greatly improves Wi-Fi data access in terms of throughput and coverage. It is a project supported by Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) and carried out by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), with strong supports received from the industry.



Current Wi-Fi networks suffer from limited coverage, high interference and costly setup. In some harsh environments such as airports, container terminals, city or mining fields where cabling is costly or with numerous blinds spots, providing pervasive Wi-Fi access is very challenging.


Lavinet, with its innovative channel assignment and routing, enables an adaptive and high-performance multi-hop Wi-Fi network with the use of deployment-friendly wireless routers. It is transparent and compatible to any Wi-Fi client, which does not require to install any software to connect to the network. Lavinet greatly extends wireless coverage, supports both router and client roaming, and provides various levels of security in the Wi-Fi network.


Lavinet has been successfully commercialized and well received by the industry and end users. We are continuously looking for partners to evaluate and deploy our technology.