Lavinet Mesh

 Key Features of Lavinet Mesh

  • Self configuration, self adjustment, self healing

  • Best path selection

  • Proactive routing: Dynamically sensing network condition and proactively switch the upstream association

  • Dynamically adjusted for optimal network performance, load-balancing, and throughput improvement

  • Intelligent channel assignment: Minimize interference and maximize overall throughput

  • Support mesh node mobility at a maximum relative node-to-node speed of 40km/hour

  • Deliver 80mbps client data rate over 300 meters (line of sight)

  • Flexibility, plug-and-play and easy to deploy

  • Support both centralized and distributed wireless operation: optimized central controlling but will switch to distributed mode automatically if central controller is not available

  • Support hidden SSID: Prevent accidental association

  • 24 SSIDs: Allow standalone authentication and encryption schemes

  • Support VLAN: logical group of clients

  • IEEE 802.11i support (AES, WEP, WPA, WPA2)

  • Support IP video streaming

  • Each radio may be configured to operate as access point for client access or mesh router for backhaul

  • Enable interoperatability among APs: when loaded with Lavinet mesh, APs of different brands will operate in a single mesh