Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab (SSC): Launch Ceremony

2019-02-19, Hong Kong: The HKUST Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab (SSC) is an effort to transform our campus into one where the campus itself is a platform for learning, experimenting, and showcasing new ideas and approaches. By combining sustainability principles with smart and innovative approaches to solving problems – and by using our campus as the platform to see and experience the results – the SSC will demonstrate HKUST’s leadership in constructing a sustainable and smart pathway into the future.


International Conference on Information System and Artificial Intelligence 2016

  2016-06-25, Hong Kong: The conference promotes research and developmental activities in information system and artificial intelligence. The conference can act as an ideal platform for scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, engineers, students and practitioners working all over the world. As one of the keynote speakers, Prof Gary Chan gave a talk with the topic "Indoor Localization: From Research to Deployment". 


EMSD Innovation Technology Sharing (Smart Solutions) 2016

2016-06-02, Hong Kong: The Technology Sharing 2016 aims to promote collaborations with E&M Trades, Local Universities, Client Departments and EMSD for exchanging latest and advance engineering technology developments in order to achieve services excellence to the community. Prof Gary Chan was invited as a guest speaker in the technology seminar, with the topic "Pricise Indoor Localization and Geo-fencing in Heterogeneous Wireless Environment with Wherami (Case Study: Hospital)".


LSCM Logistics Summit 2015

2015-10-20, Hong Kong: The LSCM Logistics Summit 2015 shed light on various LBS technologies and scope of application. The summit featured a number of high-profile industry leading speakers and distinguished professors from the fields of logistics, supply chain management and LBS, to share their insights and best practices. Prof Gary Chan was invited as a guest speaker in the technology seminar, with the topic "Indoor Positioning Based on Wireless Fingerprinting Technologies".


ITF Projects Commercialisation Workshop 2015

2015-04-23, Hong Kong: To allow local entrepreneurs exploit the full commercial potential of leading local innovations and to update local trades with the latest technological advancements, HKSTPC and Isis jointly hosted a series of workshops. Prof Gary Chan was invited to share his experience in the topic "Advanced Indoor Locating System".


LSCM Roadshow 2015

2015-04-14, Hong Kong: The LSCM Roadshow is designed to promote LSCM’s technologies through interactive demonstrations, and enhance public understanding of innovation and technology applied in logistics and supply chain management. We demonstrated the actual use of Wherami app with respect to the function of localization, tracking and navigation.


ICT Expo 2015

2015-04-13 - 2015-04-16, Hong Kong: This event provided an opportunity for ICT providers to meet world enterprises and Hong Kong SMEs for business, which attracted over 31,000 buyers from different industires who are looking for the latest ICT solutions. Being one of the exhibitors, Wherami team introduced the technologies on real-time positioning and navigation, location-based targeted services and socializing on smartphones.


Science-for-Lunch 2015

2015-03-26, Hong Kong: HKUST Science-for-Lunch is a town-and-grown event to share the scientific discovery and innovative technologies of HKUST professors with the community. Prof Gary Chan was invited to give a presentation on the topic: Indoor Position - Opportunities and Technologies for a New Age.


APAC Innovation Summit 2014

2014-12-02, Hong Kong: The summit brought together representatives from the government, academia, research and development, finance and related industries to learn and exchange views on current challenges and opportunities for Asian innovation. Prof Gary Chan was invited to give a presentation on Wi-Fi Indoor Positioning: Opportunities, Technologies and Deployment Trials in Internet of Things (IoT) programme.


Guangdong-Hong Kong IoT Technology Application Summit 2014

2014-10-13, Guangzhou, China: The forum was organized by The Economic & Information Commission of Guangdong Province and The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, HKSAR. Around 300 participants attended the forum. Prof Gary Chan was invited to give a presentation on R&D results of Wherami technology, with the topic "Indoor Localization, Tracking and Navigation for an Intelligent City".


LSCM Logistics Summit 2014

2014-09-18, Hong Kong: The summit gathered government officials, industry leaders, representatives of academia and research institutions to share the latest market information and explore new business opportunities in Internet of Things (IoT) Technology. Prof Gary Chan was invited as a speaker in the technology seminar, with the topic "Smart Wi-Fi Positioning System for Indoor Navigation".


Venture Entrepreneurship Festival 2014

2014-05-02, Hong Kong: Wherami team was being invited as one of the participants in the showcase of this fruitful event.


Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Innovation and Creativity 2014

2014-04-30, Hong Kong: This event aims to promote a culture of innovation & creativity among business sectors, and recognize the achievements of outstanding industries. Prof Gary Chan was invited to give a presentation on Indoor GPS: Opportunities and Technologies. 


Internet of Things (IOT) Symposium 2014

2014-04-17, Hong Kong: This symposium focuses on the application of Internet of Things (IoT) and explores its transformational potentials. Prof Gary Chan was invited to give a presentation on Indoor GPS: Opportunities and Technologies.